Common Questions About Dental Implant Treatment

Losing teeth isn’t something people want to encounter; however, due to our lifestyles, poor oral hygiene practices, disease, improper diet habits, accidents, and genetic issues, we find ourselves losing teeth. Not only will receiving dental implants near you restore your bite function, but it will also prevent the side effects of teeth loss. For example, it eliminates bone resorption, improves oral health, enhances chewing, and maintains facial structure.

A cosmetic dentist in Weston can help place dental implants safely and professionally so that you have a new, confident smile and improved bite functionality. For those seeking to get dental implants, they may have many questions they need answers to. Among the questions dentists hear from patients mostly revolve around the success rate, implant failure, and replacement of the implants.

Is a Dental Implant Easy to Remove?

Removing dental implants can be easy if done by a professional in implant placement and removal. Visit our Weston dental clinic if you have issues with your implants to allow our dentist to inspect the prosthesis, gums, and other teeth. The dentist can establish whether there are risks of implant failure and if implant removal is needed.

The ease or difficulty of removing dental implants depends on how long you have had the implants and the kind of bonding that has occurred. If the bone holding the implants has bonded strongly, a dentist may have to remove some of the bone tissue. As such, a trough bur is used to cut through the bone to loosen the implant; we will cut only a small area of the bone. The removal won’t be traumatic or painful. A patient feels the heat as the instrument cuts through the jawbone.

A dentist can remove an implant without making a bone incision or cutting through the bone. The dentist uses an adapter that generates a lot of torque to loosen and remove the implants. Removing dental implants is a forthright process and can be conducted safely by a dentist experienced in dental implants near you.

The Dental Implant Success Ratio

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry says that studies have shown dental implant success rate to be over 95 percent. Replacing teeth using dental implants is considered very successful and predictable. However, the patient and the dentist are responsible for ensuring successful implantation.

The dentist has to evaluate you thoroughly to see that you are the ideal candidate and have no existing conditions like diabetes or heart disease that could compromise the implant osseointegration process or its stability. Patients should be committed to ensuring proper oral hygiene. You have to keep the implants clean, just like your other teeth.

Flossing once daily and brushing twice a day helps remove plaque, bacteria, and debris, which could contribute to a condition known as peri-implantitis. It is an infection of gum tissue around the implant area and can cause implant failure.

The Common Cause of Dental Implant Failure

A dental implant could fail due to a variety of reasons. Dental implants operate like natural teeth; you must care for them like your own teeth. In this case, there are two main culprits for implant loss – bacteria and stress.

While dental implants are not vulnerable to decay, they are prone to gum disease. Bacteria can contribute to decay and a periodontal disease called peri-implantitis. This could make the implants loose and fail.

Stress from abnormal forces placed on dental implants can result in implant fracture, bone loss, and wear. Make sure you make trips to a family dentistry clinic periodically for checkups to see if the implants are working properly and are in stable condition.

Contact King & Weston Dental Clinic today to meet our dentist to discuss dental implant care and the need for the removal and replacement of tooth implants.

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