Long-Term Side Effects of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

While wisdom tooth extractions are generally safe and rarely come with any complications, as with any surgery, they have the risk to come with long-term side effects. Some potential long-term side effects of getting wisdom teeth removal include numbness, teeth shifting into empty spaces left by missing teeth, and nerve damage. Most patients aren’t at much risk for these side effects as they can be effectively dealt with when identified and addressed early on.

At What Age Do Wisdom Teeth Start Causing Problems?

Problems with wisdom teeth typically emerge between the ages of 16 and 25. The most common problem patients get is an impacted wisdom tooth. This happens when wisdom teeth don’t have enough space to emerge fully, causing pain and damage to the surrounding healthy teeth. In any case, it can be hard to account for when wisdom teeth start causing problems; some may only arise when the teeth become impacted or infected.

Although problems with wisdom teeth commonly occur between late adolescence and early adulthood, these issues may also arise later in life. As the patient ages, their teeth may shift, especially if they have missing teeth. This shift can cause crowding and may create problems. Wisdom teeth with enough room to grow might suddenly cause pain due to a lack of space.

Wisdom tooth pain caused by infection can be effectively addressed with an extraction. Extracting the infected wisdom tooth provides immediate relief from the pain and prevents further complications by preventing the spread of infection to adjacent teeth. It not only alleviates any immediate pain but also helps to maintain oral health in the long run.

One way patients can reduce the likelihood of complications arising is by scheduling regular dental checkups. These dental checkups enable the dentist to monitor the wisdom teeth better and identify potential issues early on before they become significant problems.

What Day Is Wisdom Tooth Pain the Worst?

Generally, most patients feel the most pain during the second or third day. This is due to the extraction site healing and when the area becomes most swollen and inflamed. As a dental clinic near me, we want our patients to feel assured, as we’ll provide patients with pain medication to help them cope with their pain. The duration and severity of the pain vary between patients and is highly dependent on factors like the patient’s pain tolerance, how well their body responds to the procedure, and whether or not they’re properly caring for their wound. After the initial few days, the patient’s symptoms should start to subside, with most returning to their routine within a week. If there’s still significant pain after a week following the procedure, it’s highly recommended to come in for further evaluation as this might be an indicator of a complication.

How Long Does Wisdom Tooth Pain Last if Not Removed?

The duration of the wisdom tooth pain will vary if left untreated, as it depends on the severity of the problem. If a wisdom tooth is causing discomfort but isn’t removed, the pain can persist for several months. The severity of the pain may even increase over time if complications occur. This is even more apparent if the tooth is impacted, as it can affect the health of the surrounding teeth and lead to other oral health problems. An impacted wisdom tooth also has an increased risk of infection and will result in even more swelling and dental pain.

Prolonged wisdom tooth pain will significantly affect the patient’s quality of life. Dental pains signal the body that something is amiss, and the patient should head to a dental clinic near me. Whatever the case may be, dental pain should not be taken lightly, and it’s crucial to seek dental treatment at a reputable dentist in Cambridge for prompt treatment.

Will My Face Shape Change After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

No. Patients won’t have to worry about their face changing shape after wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth are located at the back of the mouth and won’t impact the patient’s facial structure if removed. While the swelling following an extraction may temporarily alter the face’s appearance, this effect is temporary and will subside as the mouth heals. As a leading dental clinic near me, we believe patients should be well-informed about their treatments and clear up their questions and concerns before undergoing any procedure.

Are you thinking about getting a wisdom tooth extraction in Cambridge, ON? If so, consider coming to our dental clinic, where we offer wisdom tooth extractions. Whether you want to remove an impacted wisdom tooth, we provide dental services tailored to your specific needs.

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